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Our professional team is a phone call away! We use the best machines and chemicals to insure our high quality service and costumer satisfaction. Here you can discover some of the services we provide:
carpet cleaning service in qatar
We specialize in cleaning movable and fixed carpets at our costumers location. carpets get vacuumed, washed with shampoo and stain remover to guarantee the best results . pricing depends on size in square meters. 15 QR each square meter

Marble and tiles Polishing company in Qatar Cleaning and polishing all types of marble, tiles, granite floors Marble maintenance and polishing experts,

We have the best Italian marble polishing tools, equipment and devices We use diamond stone, crystal polishing material, and the best marble insulation and protection materials

Sofa sets usually get dirty quick. food and drink stains or dust quickly change the color of your set. We can restore your sofa to its former elegance.

cleaning is done by first vacuuming then scrubbing with shampoo and stain remover to insure the best results and the fastest drying times

Stay safe! with the rapid spread of the pandemic we all need to take the necessary measures to protect ourselves and loved ones. we spray disinfectants and sanitizers on surfaces and areas to protect from covid – 19.

get rid of bugs and rodents. we spray every crevice to insure your location is pest free.

A-Z cleaning. Whole house or apartment cleaning, bathroom cleaning and sanitation, kitchens and floors. windows cleaning and dusting – We Clean It All ! For A quote, please feel free to contact us.